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Building and Construction

Digitalisation is not the first thing that comes to ones mind when thinking about the house building industry.

Hovewer, technological innovation reached also the construction industry at all levels: from the project design, utilizing online accessible software like Building Information Modelling (BIM) or project managing tools; to construction development, which employ automated machines, IP video surveillance and commercial drones. Finally, to the set up of “smart homes” and “smart buildings”- interconnected systems, which allow users to control utilities like heating or lighting and robotised appliances online. Technologies increase capabilities, efficiency and reduce costs. However, with the rise of digitalisation across the industry, also the cyber threats grow increasingly dangerous and sophisticated.

  • Cyber attack target

    Hackers target large building companies to steal their own and partners’ confidential information like intellectual property, financial data or architectural specifications. The breach might lead to financial losses and overall ruin company reputation. Same time, smaller companies are often hit by casual malware and ransomware, which steals personal information or locks the usage of devices and demands ransom for restoring the access. Cyber attacks may target the vendor company directly or hit its partners and customers by infiltrating the installed system. Downtime in operations or inability to access critical infrastructure might lead to a crucial situation.

  • Internet of everything

    Apart of the “smart technology” usage in overall IoT and IoE concept very important target vector is particularly IP, all interconnected devices. Starting from printers within premises and ending up with light bulbs. Separate focus should be made on IP video surveillance cameras installed in premises, with aim to prevent access to video surveillance, transmitted and stored content, as well to protect cameras against Botnets.

Cyber Circle constructed strategy

How to protect the systems from the cyber threats and use the desirable technologies safely? Cyber Circle combines highly professional teams and constantly developing techniques for fighting cybercrime. Cyber Circle prepares the response plan in case system is already breached and specialize on pre-emptive measures such as cyber security audits to identify vulnerabilities, data security and cryptography, simulation of cyber-attacks to test both security measures and employee awareness. Cyber Circle shares practical experience and educate personnel to build powerful cyber resilience.

Cyber Circle professionals constantly follow the latest cyber security trends and specifics for different industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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