The telecommunication industry stands at the forefront of all modern communication and data flow, especially with the worldwide spread of Internet, Bring Your Own Device to work policies and abolishing of roaming charges in the EU and outside.

Military, governments, organisations, and individuals rely on the critical infrastructure of telecom companies for their communication, entertainment and work; acquisition, storing and sharing information. Unfortunately, same time, statistics and trends in cybercrime show a steady, fast-paced increase in both - the number of incidents and the sophistication of risks, making telecom one of the most frequently attacked sector.

  • Attack Goals

    With the move towards the IoT, an increased number of connected devices, infrastructure and resources have been employed across all industries and the telecom enterprises stand at the core of this trend. As a result, telecom companies are at the highest risk of cyber-attacks both directly and indirectly as a proxy to target other industries. The most widespread goal of the attacks is sensitive information or identity theft. Telcos’ infrastructure if hacked might also be used to cripple communication, espionage, and for directed attacks on other companies. Therefore, even the false rumours of an attack might significantly influence telecommunication company operations and cause the shut down of critical services.

  • Types of attacks

    Historical attack insights reveal the complexity of the attacks and stimulate telecom industry to keep high level of security measures against the serious cyber threats. The attacks vary from social engineering to remote targeted attacks such as the DDoS hack. The most prominent types of attacks for telecommunication are malware, malvertising and phishing.

Cyber Circle Expertise

It is always best to prevent any threat of cybercrime before the attack was actually recognized. How to be sure that your company is truly secured? Cyber Circle combines highly professional teams and constantly developing techniques for fighting cybercrime. Cyber Circle offer pre-emptive measures such as cyber security audits to identify vulnerabilities, data security and cryptography, simulation of cyber-attacks to test both security measures and employee awareness. Cyber Circle shares practical experience and educate personnel to build powerful cyber resilience.

Cyber Circle professionals constantly follow the latest cyber security trends and specifics for different industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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