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Energy and utility sector security is the intersection of interests of businesses, general population and the governments. The potential breach might result in not only reputational and financial losses, but also impact public well-being and national safety.

The length of investment cycle has slowed the digitalization of the energy industry. Nerveless, digitalization became a key for managing the production, storage, distribution and consumption of electricity, gas and oil. Smart grids and meters, IoT sensors and integrated cloud services increased efficiency, enabled analysis and storage of growing amounts of data and allowed communication between the equipment and facilities. However, as with other industries, the rising level of getting smart and connected considerably increases the potential for vulnerability to penetration and cyberattacks.

  • Attackers innovate

    The cyber threat was widely recognized almost a decade ago now, with the discovery of a malicious computer worm Stuxnet in 2010. It specifically targeted industrial control systems and supposedly could ruin nuclear centrifuges. The recent cyber-attacks (Triton, Black energy, XData, NotPetya, WannaCry viruses) on energy sector critical infrastructure, illustrated that the sophistication of risks is growing and the thread is now topical for all: be that oil and gas production, renewable energy plants or electricity grids.

  • The Real threat

    Industrial and political espionage, theft of personal data, damage of physical equipment, disruption of production and access to remote control are the most frequent causes of the cyber-attacks within the energy industry. Undetected breach or inefficient response to it might be more harmful than natural disasters, physical attack or any business risk, having potential to spread due to “domino effect”. Therefore, the whole energy supply chain should be analysed and protected.

Cyber Circle Synergy

Both timing and expertise are critical in keeping the industry secured. Cyber Circle professionals provide the full spectrum of solutions for the energy producers and providers. This includes managed intrusion prevention, system audits, and response plan to recognized threats. The company also provides practical education and trainings on cyber risk awareness from basic cyber hygiene up to deep technical education and Cyber Range.

Cyber Circle professionals constantly follow the latest cyber security trends and specifics for different industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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