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Government and Defence

The rapid adaptation of technology into various spheres of daily operations opened up the government and defence institutions to potential cyber criminals.

The example of wikileaks proved that cyber-attacks evolved from barely noticeable inconvenience to noteworthy threat, potentially harmful for political negotiations, national security and regular citizens. Some countries established departments and even ministries of cyber defence. However, while consolidating the regional and country regulations, officials struggle to secure their IT systems and properly educate personnel.

  • Cyber risks

    The cyber risks may manifest themselves differently, from targeted and sophisticated techniques of compromising the system, to random incidents due to vulnerabilities of outdated and unsupported software or human mistakes like opening malicious links or email attachment. Often, the breach stays unnoticed for a period allowing the ransomware to infiltrate the connected networks. Moreover, government agencies rarely analyse the threat intelligence, incident data nor actually identify the source of the successful attack and its goal due to lack of resources and expertise.

  • Technological Superiority

    The Military historically stands out among other public services and private sector by its technological innovations, telecommunication, including the introduction of drones, IP surveillance and other devices meant to collect, analyse and store terabytes of confidential data. Intelligence grants superiority in the modern battles. However, whilst technological capabilities grow so does the cyber vulnerability. Random hackers, advanced persistent threat (APT) groups and political opponents themselves try to infiltrate the system.

Cyber Circle - cyber defence

Cyber Circle delivers customizable cybersecurity services to institutions with a drive to help build and improve cyber security resilience strategy by auditing and analysing the cyber risks. The company also provides practical education and trainings on cyber risk awareness from basic cyber hygiene up to deep technical education and Cyber Range. Cyber Circle helps organisations to improve threat hunting and threat intelligence.

Cyber Circle professionals constantly follow the latest cyber security trends and specifics for different industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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