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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Digital transformation touched many industries, including the healthcare and pharmaceuticals: adoption of e-prescriptions, electronic patient records, test results stored in the Cloud and accessed by doctors and patients online, intelligent computers performing different kinds of medical manipulations, introduction of wearable devices, which monitor and transfer the patients’ state.

Companies in this industry handle massive amounts of personal health information (PHI) data, intellectual property (IP) and other classified information. All these assets are potential targets for attacks by cyber criminals. Moreover, unauthorised intervention in functioning of medical devices or infrastructure of the healthcare facilities could literally cause life or death situations. It is, therefore, paramount for healthcare providers to know how to detect and prevent devastating losses that may result from cyberattacks.

  • Danger of cyber attacks

    As the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry grows in technology adoption, so do the cyber threats facing it. However, unlike other industries, the often low level of preparation in this sector makes healthcare providers extra-vulnerable. For instance, many still trust dated operation systems on their PCs. Thus, healthcare facilities sometimes are hit by cyber attacks even not being their main target. As it was the case with the recent ransomware attacks in multiple health services. Which resulted in cancellations of certain manipulations, diversion of ambulances and moving the patients clinics and hospitals.

  • Who is targeted?

    The hazards of cyber attacks concern all levels, private doctors practice, small companies and large organisations possessing all the resources and infrastructure. Almost half of all incidents are threats resulted from human errors due to lack of awareness of cyber risks and lack of basic cyber hygiene. Pharmaceutical companies are highly targeted by advanced persistent threat (APT) groups with aim to steal IP and other sensitive information.

Cyber Circle Solution

Prevention is always better than cure. Cyber Circle offering threat detection, mitigation and disaster recovery with business continuity. Cyber Circle professionals provide the full spectrum of solutions, which include managed intrusion prevention, system audits, and employee training. Cyber Circle will help to secure IP, PHI, and any other sensitive data and to keep all stakeholders safe from the cyber attacks. Cyber Circle shares practical experience and educate personal to build powerful cyber resilience.

Cyber Circle professionals constantly follow the latest cyber security trends and specifics for different industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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