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Hospitality and Tourism

Providing personalized customer experience and gaining better consumer insights are core aspects in being ahead of competition for most organisations in the tourism and hospitality Industry.

Modern technologies provide endless opportunities: digital marketing and services via chatbots, mobile integration for booking and feedback, things connected to the Internet (IoT) for tailored approach and lots of data for analytics from all these sources. However, introducing such innovations means also increasing the number of potential entry points into the system and hence the risk of cyber attacks.

  • Recent victims

    Recently cyber and data security emerged to prominence as a highly vulnerable and massive risk area, due to a series of high profile breaches affecting thousands of payment cards. Multiple hotels have been attacked again and again in various ways: by Social Engineering with vector to organisations and vice versa to customers, malware in payment systems and rooms booking software, customer credentials. Additional attack vector is premises with focus on: hotel room electronic keys, ventilation, elevators, hotel Wi-Fi networks and especially IP cameras video surveillance. The biggest threat is organisation reputation cost if it is unable to ensure guest security and privacy.

  • System vulnerabilities

    POS systems are often a weak security point as they are in constant use and are not quickly patched or updated or protected at all from the cyber attacks. POS terminals might provide hackers direct access to personal details and lucrative payment card data. Moreover, the personal and credit information is stored also on computers in other facilities, like reception, restaurants, SPA and other. In some cases, the information is not stolen, but rather encrypted by ransomware and made unreachable until the demanded ransom is paid. Lastly, some hotels adopted the connected to the Internet utilities and allow their guests to open the room, control the heating system and lighting via mobile applications. Therefore, hackers sometimes attack the hotel facility itself, disrupting the services and demanding money for restoring normal operations.

Tailored Cyber Circle services

Cyber Circle delivers customizable cybersecurity services to organisations with a drive to help build and improve cyber security strategy by auditing and analyzing cyber risk, the company provides practical education on cyber risk awareness and consulting services on how to improve cyber security for organisations required for their critical business processes. Cyber Circle shares practical experience and educate personnel to build powerful cyber resilience.

Cyber Circle professionals constantly follow the latest cyber security trends and specifics for different industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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