The shipping community, as the logistics industry overall, has historically been slow to adopt to latest technologies. However, digitalisation may simplify the routine tasks and enhance the capabilities and safety of a ship, improve efficiency and open opportunities for integration and cooperation.

Moreover, for cruise ship technologies personalise the customer experience and increase their satisfaction. Therefore, more and more shipping companies see technological innovations as a must to succeed in this competitive market. Yet, with new opportunities come also new challenges: opening the system to online controls or transition of data increases the risk of cyber threat infiltration.

  • Affected devices

    The cyber-attacks are often specifically focused on the marine sector, targeting and disrupting GPS systems in vessels, GPS spoofing and GPS jamming, port container terminals, physical security sensors, automated identification certificates, cargo tracking and record-keeping systems. Not only military ships, cargo ships and oil tankers are targeted, but also the cruise liners are under huge threat. Secure cruising, navigation and crew operations are key elements to be protected.

  • Recent breaches

    In recent years, the number of cyber attacks on ships is ever rising all over the world: the security breaches and ransomware attacks paralyzed operations globally in logistic industry. Huge impact is made by Social Engineering with various vectors in crew, offshore and inshore. Additionally, commercial cruise liners suffer from DDoS attacks on ticket booking services and credit cards credential theft. Moreover, the cyber criminals may get access to steering of the ships in autopilot mode, tamper with cruise plans and radar signals or simply lock the computers or rooms demanding money transfer for unlocking. The breach might lead to massive financial losses, human safety risks and overall ruin company reputation.

Cyber Circle Expertise

It is always best to prevent any threat of cybercrime before the attack was actually recognized. How to be sure that your company is truly secured? Cyber Circle accumulates the industry best practices and develops specialized cyber security products helping shipping companies to develop an IT infrastructure that is resistant to rapidly developing cyber threats. Cyber Circle help to guard the systems from external cyber threats and educate employees at all levels on cyber vulnerabilities, eliminating the cyber risks coming from internal exposures.

Cyber Circle professionals constantly follow the latest cyber security trends and specifics for different industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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