Media and Entertainment

Few industries rely on Internet as heavily as media and entertainment (M&E) sector and even fewer have such great Influence on shaping peoples opinions and even building national image.

The content selection, timely publication and intellectual property security are core to creative industries, be it radio and TV over the internet, movies and music production, video games or book publishing. Terabytes of valuable data are being transferred online. That is why M&E sector is very appealing to cyber criminals.

  • Hacking objectives

    The goals of cyber criminals differ from ransom demand for unencrypting the data and unlocking the devices, to corporate espionage, intellectual property or commercially sensitive information theft with or without the immediate financial gain. Cyber criminals may steal Terabytes of internal files and publish them online. Major attack vectors are also focused on corporate social media accounts with aim to compromise them and make a huge impact on the organisations reputation.

  • APT groups

    More sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks on creative industry come from advanced persistent threat (APT) groups. APT groups often have a sponsor and specific goal. Hacker group may compromise or promote the spread of politically sensitive content, disrupt the company operations and image, steal and control the data. Content creation, fake news and massive misleading information in public channel may lead to a crucial outcome.

Cyber Circle security strategy

It is always best to prevent any threat of cybercrime before the attack was actually recognized. How to be sure that your company is truly secured? Cyber Circle accumulates the industry best practices and develops customized cyber security solutions helping M&E companies to develop an IT infrastructure that is resistant to rapidly developing cyber threats. Cyber Circle will help to defend infrastructure from external cyber threats and educate employees at all levels on cyber vulnerabilities, eliminating the cyber risks coming from internal exposures and human errors.

Cyber Circle professionals constantly follow the latest cyber security trends and specifics for different industries. We are keen to share our knowledge and expertise.

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