Cyber Circle

Knowledge Circle

Knowledge Circle is based on many years of practical red teaming experience and educational background on cyber security. It consists of multiple trainings, lectures, interactive education and consultancy.

Knowledge is shared through the circle of engagement within the organization and is designed for all: regular employees, technical employees, deep technical employees and management. Interactive e-Learning Cyber Hygiene platform and risk evaluation tool, supported by multiple languages, is easy deployable for organizations for cyber awareness and human-behaviour related risks mitigation.

  • Range Craft Education

    Cyber security exercises supported with mentoring process and with various campaign scenarios designed for blue and red teams, advanced exercises for red versus red teams. Customized training development and cyber range platform adaptive capability.

  • Deep Technical Education

    Module courses designed for IT professionals with solid technical knowledge and practical experience. All courses are supported with educational materials, particular modules supported with devices or virtual environment deployment for practical experience.

  • Cyber Hygiene

    Interactive E-Learning multi language platform and risk evaluation tool for cyber hygiene development and human risk behaviour mitigation. Cyber risk awareness and deeper analysis for further focused customized training design and knowledge cycle evaluation.

  • Customized Cyber Education

    Trainings tailored to organisation business specifics and needs, customized content with practical experience and case studies. Education focused on different audience: regular users, technical users, deep technical users, managers and C-level executives.

  • Consulting and expertise

    Broad knowledge and solid practical experience in active cyber defence, threat detection, threat hunting and red teaming. Cyber strategy and powerful cyber resilience development with supreme expertise in particular industries.

Rise the knowledge in your organization from cyber hygiene essentials till practical expert level in cyber security defence craft.

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