Cyber Circle

Range Circle

Range Circle is a virtual environment for active cyber security range activities. Cyber Range is designed for advanced technical cyber security exercises with the aim to build powerful cyber security capacity for your organisations technical people.

Cyber craft shaping by red team experts enables improvement of cyber defence skills in an interactive way. Cyber Range consists of circle of different cyber war campaign scenarios and could be tailored to your organisation. The Range process and teams are mentored and Range provides advanced real-time exercise analytics for management.

  • Cyber Circle Range

    Advanced cyber range platform for pro-active deep technical cyber security exercises, risk-free controlled cyber environment for live-fire cyber attacks and disruptive effects. Various system multi segmented infrastructure with build-in vulnerabilities, active threats, cryptographic and forensic challenges.

  • Customized Cyber Range Development

    Tailored modular multi-layer environment for various specific business needs and adapted cyber range campaigns. On premises platform deployment and capability building development process for specific cyber security needs.

  • Cyber Range Analytics

    Analytical software for visualisation of scoring cyber campaign results, real time team progress reflection during the exercise. Service uptime measurement with logging enablement and data collection for further analytics.

Empower your technical expert team with interactive exercises and follow their progress in real-time analytics.

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