Cyber Circle

Security Circle

Security Circle is multiple security activities to protect organisation assets. This is a complete circle of cyber defence including Assessment, Prevention, Detection and Response.

Making business decision makers be aware of current and ongoing threats and allowing them to assess risk against assets. Services are tailored for threat and risk management, vulnerability management and infrastructure security. Prevention of unauthorized access and real-time incident detection, using advance monitoring and threat hunting tools.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Customized open source threat intelligence with advanced public data gathering engine on existing and emerging threats. One-time assessment on credentials and confidential information leakage or monthly monitoring solution.

  • Threat Emulation

    Advanced with tailored design threat emulation of known and unknown threats to internal infrastructure. Analysis of threat spread against infrastructure resilience, endpoint protection and existing monitoring, networking and security solutions.

  • Threat Hunting

    Innovative post breach detection platform with pro-active hunting for hidden threats, using forensic state analysis for evidence of compromise. One-time assessment with pro-active discover of malware and persistence threat, active or dormant, that have successfully breached existing cyber defences; or on premises platform deployment and education of technical people.

  • Penetration Tests

    Customized activities targeted to test infrastructure, web and applications security, exploit vulnerabilities, source code analysis, determine unauthorized access or possibility of malicious activity. Social engineering and user risks tests against internal security policies.

  • Cyber Security of Smart-Buildings

    Evaluation and penetration tests of building management systems, OT, PLC and SCADA systems defence, smart-building cyber security audit. In premises installed IP cameras video surveillance audit and tests.

  • Incident Inspection

    Rapid reaction, situational awareness and active cyber defence in a crisis situation, during cyber a attack or post incident. Incident inspection and response creation by deploying countermeasures and additional controls for cyber resilience.

Cyber Circle provides the full spectrum of tailored cyber security services, including Assessment, Prevention, Detection and Response.

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